Rustic-Chic Wedding Favors

It's amazing how a stamp and a smidge of ink can literally transform an otherwise boring canvas.  A while back, we pinned an image of stamped wedding favors on our Pinterest board and were amazed at the response we got.  So, we decided to dedicate a blog post to the topic, hopefully as a bit of inspiration as you plan the precious details of your wedding.

Here at Winifred Bean, we absolutely LOVE the idea of adding personal touches to your big day.  Stamped wedding favor bags are an easy DIY, but the concept can extend to so much more.  Think stamped coasters, escort cards or even menus.  We love the instant rustic-chic vibe these stamped wedding items bring to the day.

The best part, this project is so easy!  To create the look, you'll need a rubber stamp, ink, and the item you want to stamp.  As with so many things DIY, Etsy or your local craft store are great places to start.  

DIY rustic stamped wedding favors

Credits, clockwise from top: Nicholas & Heather Tags: Craft Corners | Green Stamped Bags: Pinterest | "Enjoy" Tags: Etsy | Coasters: Ruff House Art | Stamp: The Knotty Bride | Blue Stamped Bags: Etsy