Weekly Wedding Look - Neon, Part II

Skip the pastel pink roses and head straight to vivid orange dahlias.  Add a volt of electric color to your wedding with neon-inspired decor.

Start with the bloomingest details: Gather shades of blue and yellow in your bride’s bouquet, while your bridesmaids hold hot pink tulips against their dazzling yellow dresses.  Line the aisle with giant round balloons anchored with flashy tassels, and carry the fringy theme into the reception hall with tasseled neon streamers.  Pull up a chair to a table set in eye-popping hues—blinding yellow glassware stands beside forks and knives hand-dipped in brilliant paint.  Each table is set with blazing pink and yellow blooms that perfectly match your neon-ombre cake.  Send your friends and family home with hot-hued macaroons, and give them a kiss goodbye with a giant glittering and neon “XO” sign at the door.

bride with giant balloon and neon ribbon on left, neon wedding cake on right with orange, green and pink ombre
bride's neon bouquet
bridesmaids wear neon yellow dresses and carry bright pink tulips
neon wedding table decor
neon wedding decor including DIY paper chair poofs and neon cups and flatware
neon macaroons perfect for wedding favors or dessert
glittering and neon XO sign as wedding decor

Wedding Features:  Bouquet: Style Unveiled | Balloons: Bridal Musings | Table Centerpieces: Polka Dot Bride | Cake: Brides.com | Fringe Decor: Bridal Musings | Bridesmaid Dresses: The Brides Cafe | Table Settings and Streamers: Ruffled | Macarons: Celebration.co.za | XO Sign: Twisted Twig