#WinifredWednesday - The City Bride

One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is seeing Winifred Bean brides looking radiant on their wedding day.  I've found that the most beautiful brides are those who style their wedding day look to be truly reflective of their personality.  It's part of the reason why I love looking back on some of our real brides, all of whom have let their unique style shine in their own ways.  

People sometimes ask me who the Winifred Bean bride is, and what her style looks like.  In truth, she can be many things: vintage, chic, rustic, urban, classic, indie, retro, or a little bit of all of these elements all wrapped up in one.  Whatever she is, she is always unique and stylish.       

Because staying true to your personality on your wedding day is SO important, I'm starting a new tradition around here called #WinifredWednesday.  Each week, I'll be profiling a different style of bride - Classic, Indie, or City - and focusing on one element of her style.  This week I'm starting with gorgeous jewels for the City Bride.  You may be decidedly City, Indie or Classic, or you may be your own unique combination of all three.  Either way, I hope to inspire and delight you, or at the very least, introduce you to some cool new brands and pieces I'm currently coveting. 


Keira Knightley wedding

Keira Knightley married James Righton last month in a much-buzzed about short, tulle Chanel dress that some remarked looked strikingly similar to a dress she wore five years ago.  While the press was busy fretting over whether or not the dress was recycled, I was quietly admiring Keira's style.  With sunglasses, a cropped blazer and flats, she managed to extend her low-key, effortless City style to her wedding day look.  Since Keira chose to forego most jewelry, this week I focus on jewels for the City bride that compliment Keira's dress.

See my picks this week:



1. Odette Amuletum Ring | 2. Lizzie Fortunato California Dreaming Necklace | 3. Alexis Bittar New Wave Gold Lightening Cuff | 4. Lulu Frost Burst Statement Necklace | 5.  Andy Lifschutz Next Level Ring | 6. Gemma Redux Liz Necklace | 7. IaM by Ileana Makri Versailles Earrings | 8. Gorjana Mia Wrap Cuff | 9Tai Asymmetrical Pave Stone Cuff