Weekly Wedding Look - Charleston

Charleston, South Carolina is a city unlike any other. It is full of history, brick roads, and southern hospitality...not to mention its warm weather, beautiful art and architecture, and young faces - it all creates an atmosphere that epitomizes the word 'charming'.  

So this week, we wanted to bring you a look that captures Charleston and all that it has to offer. 


Bridal Fashion: Dress: Winifred Bean Flounce | Long Veil: Snippet and Ink | Chandelier Earrings: Krombholz  | Gold Bracelet: Blue Nile | Shoes: A Low Country Wedding | Bouquet: Southern Weddings | Rhinestone Belt: J. Crew  |

Wedding Features:  | Wedding Sign: Borrowed and Blue | Old Estate House: Best Charleston Weddings | Venue Hall: Taylor Rae Photography | Specialty Drinks: Tiger Lilly Weddings | Rings With Vows: King Street Studios Photography | Confetti Wedding Exit: Shannon Michele Photography |