Weekly Wedding Look - Art Inspired

This week my husband, Tony Curanaj, had a momentous birthday.  As an artist and a person he has always been very inspirational to me.  So this weeks Weekly Wedding Look pays homage to him and one of most important aspects of our culture, Art!  He is a classical painter and native New Yorker - the perfect theme for this weeks look featuring the Audrey.  Dinner at a hip NYC restaurant and sipping cocktails and dancing at a gallery surrounded by beautiful art, how much cooler can you get?  Happy Birthday babe!
Angela (aka WB)


Bridal Fashion: Dress: Winifred Bean Audrey | Earrings: Stone Lust | Calla Lilly Bouquet: Pinterest | Necklace: Justyna Jewelry | Sequin Jacket: Fashionably Yours | Up-Do: Pinterest | Peacock Heels: Vicious Elegance |

Wedding Features: Empty Gallery: Terra Gallery Event Space | Vows: Brooke Trexler Photography | Lounging Woman Painting: Tony Curanaj | Branch and Flower Detail: Elizabeth Anne Designs | Wedding Cocktail: Shang Chen Photography | First Dance: Heather Parker Photography |