Winifred Bean, vintage-inspired wedding dresses, Angela Curanaj

We design wedding dresses for brides who love LOVE, and who embrace their creative, stylish spirit in their own lighthearted, fun, unexpected way. Our brides appreciate easy timeless style, a little romance, and spending their favorite day with their favorite people. Inspired by the idea that weddings should be not only the best day, but also the best parties of all time, we created our dresses by focusing on classic vintage silhouettes that effortlessly compliment the bride who wants to feel charmed by the past, present and future on her wedding day (maybe mixed with some sand, or hay, or wildflowers and the family dog). Our muses are stylish, non-conformist complete originals and we love you for it. We hope Winifred Bean is a part of your story.

Our Vintage Inspired Name.  Winifred Bean was Angela’s trailblazing Grandmother, a woman who embraced decades of stylish eras we now call vintage and who was the epitome of a Winifred Bean bride.  The original Winifred Bean knew who she was and what she loved, and she wanted everyone around her to share that spirit even if it meant bucking the system a little bit here and there.  She earned her art and fashion design degree in Chicago during the 1920’s before settling in her hometown in Texas to raise four daughters.  She made sure that she loved her family and had high ideals for everyone around her.  We hope you take a little of her with you on your wedding day.  



Behind the scenes.   Our collections are designed alongside an INCREDIBLY talented team exclusively located in New York City, led by Winifred Bean’s Designer and Founder, Angela Curanaj.  

While obsessed with style and quality, Angela’s passion has always been about connecting with her clients and designing for their unique vision.  Her ideal is to meet the real needs of today’s creative bride, and to that end she’s even made each top and bottom interchangeable to allow the bride to create the exact silhouette she wants.  

Angela has been working in design since she took a nod from her grandmother and left Texas for New York, where she started her career in fashion and merchandising.  In NYC she developed her eye for sophisticated, stylish apparel while working at fashion houses such as Donna Karan, Brooklyn Industries and Rebecca Taylor.   

The tiniest member of Winifred Bean, Angela’s little girl Julianne, is with her every step of the way and so far it has all been epic.

Thanks for being a part of Winifred Bean!




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